WWE News: Hall Of Famer Says Marijuana Saved His Life

In a recent interview with the Battleground Podcast, by way of WrestlingNews.co, WWE legend The Godfather opened up about his experiences with marijuana. According to the Hall of Famer, it's given him a better quality of life.

During the conversation, The Godfather revealed that he used to take different types of medications and drank too much alcohol until he started smoking. Marijuana helped him get healthy and made him more creative.

"When I tried it, I couldn't remember the first time but it opened up my eyes. It made my knees feel better. It made my back feel better. Food tasted better. I had a pep in my step. It made me smile. It made me funny. It made me creative. Cannabis is the best thing that ever happened to me."
The Hall of Famer went on to say that he might not be alive today if it weren't for marijuana. If he was still on the other drugs, his well-being would likely have taken a turn for the worse.

While he still has the occasional drink, the Hall of Famer has a clean lifestyle for the most part. The 59-year-old said that "Aleve" is the "heaviest" thing that he takes these days.

According to the legendary superstar, cannabis also makes him more "productive." He explained how people often tell him that they're surprised at the effect it has on him.

The former WWE superstar also revealed that he didn't try cannabis until he was 27. He grew up thinking that he'd become a "hippie" if he tried it. He had no experience with it until he went to college, but he still refused to smoke during his student years.

The Godfather celebrates with his entourage

The WWE legend feared that the plant would fry his brain. Over time, however, he learned that it had the opposite effect on him.

The Godfather's words also suggested that wrestling caused him to try the drug. It's not uncommon for in-ring performers to turn to substances to deal with the physical pain they're experiencing.

During the conversation, The Godfather also discussed his Papa Shango gimmick. The veteran said that he was given the Voodoo gimmick because he had the body of a monster but his face was too youthful. He was disguised in the face paint to make him look more intimidating.

The superstar rose to prominence in the Attitude Era, and he spent the majority of his wrestling career in the company. However, he previously discussed how he almost left to join the promotion's biggest rivals.