Kelly Clarkson Flaunts Her Cinched Waist & Eye Patch In Season 2 Promo For Talk Show

Kelly Clarkson is back for a second season of her fan-favorite series. She posted a brand new video promo on Instagram on Tuesday afternoon, and it showed her a bit down on her luck while wearing an eye patch.

In the newly released sneak peek, Kelly looked stunning as she flaunted her cinched waist in an array of ensembles. The "Miss Independent" singer wore a bright orange dress with flowing sleeves and black tights underneath for the opening moments of the promo.

She was then shown sporting a denim frock with a black belt wrapped around her midsection. The camera then flashed to her sporting a similar olive green garment in the same style. She was spotted in some vibrant printed dresses that clung to her waist as well.

However, her most interesting accessory was the black face covering. In the video, she announced Season 2 of the television series and then addressed the elephant in the room.

"Yes, I am in an eye patch. How much more Kelly can it get?" she said while smiling.

In another clip, Kelly told her guest, actor Dennis Quaid, that she usually doesn't look like a pirate. He then replied that she was the most beautiful pirate he'd ever seen, which left her laughing.

She offered no explanation as to why she was wearing the protective gear, but it seems likely that fans will hear the full story straight from the singer when the episodes begin to air.

In addition to Quaid, the caption promised fans that they'll be seeing other stars such as actor and singer Common, as well as comedian and writer Whitney Cummings, in upcoming episodes.

Of course, the show will look a bit different this time around as COVID-19 has changed the way that production is functioning. What was once a packed crowd has been replaced with a virtual studio audience that appears to be tuning in via the internet to watch Kelly do her thing.

The 696,000-plus followers that follow the show's official Instagram account quickly rushed to display their support for the new preview. The video was watched more than 4,800 times within the first hour after it went live. Fans also left 20 comments during that time.

"Kelly is iconic omg I'm so excited for this new season," one follower stated.

"This is amazing and hilarious. She's rocking the eye patch," declared another.

"SUPER EXCITED TO WATCH," a third comment read.

"She's so beautiful and legendary," a fourth user wrote.

The Kelly Clarkson Show is set to return to the air on September 21.