Mariana Morais Flaunts Her Incredible Curves In Unbuttoned Jeans & A Sultry Lingerie Crop Top

Mariana Morais shared a sexy snapshot via her Instagram page on Monday, and her fans went wild over it. The blond beauty wore baggy denim jeans and a flirty top and she seemed to leave everybody wanting more.

The photo showed Mariana standing outdoors with a lot of lush greenery behind her. There was also what seemed to be a statue of a lion just behind the gorgeous model. She stood on black tiled stairs and looked off to the side as the photograph was taken.

The 23-year-old Brazilian model's blond tresses gently cascaded over her shoulders and down her back. She wore several gold rings on her fingers and added a gold bracelet around one wrist. It seemed that she went with simple white sneakers on her feet.

A pair of baggy, distressed jeans covered Mariana's lower half. They were loose throughout the hips and all the way down her legs, but they still were flattering as they accentuated her fit physique. She left them unbuttoned and unzipped at the waist, folding the denim down to reveal a little extra skin.

In contrast to the casual denim, Mariana chose a flirty, sexy top to complete her ensemble. The piece appeared to be a lacy, delicate garment that was a fitted, cropped bustier style. The sheer white fabric was covered by purple lacy accents, and it appeared that black straps covered her slender shoulders.

Only a hint of Mariana's cleavage could be seen in this case, but her rock-hard abs were on full display, thanks to the short length of the top. She let her arms hang down straight with her hands by her hips, and she maintained what appeared to be a serious expression on her face.

She did signal that the jeans were cute and noted that they were made by Fashion Nova. In response to the sultry snapshot, Mariana's followers heaped plenty of praise on her look in the comments section of the post.

"You are perfect nothing more to say," one fan exclaimed.

"Hot stuff very nice," another fan wrote.

"Holy f*ck, I think she's the hottest in the market rn," someone else declared.

Around 30,000 of Mariana's fans liked the sizzling-hot upload and more than 100 people added comments. This ensemble may not have been as revealing as the bikini she wore in another recent post, but her 830,000 followers still clearly loved it.

"Wow, you are so pretty," raved another supporter.

The combination of casual and sexy worked quite well in this case, and it didn't exactly hurt that Mariana showcased her phenomenal curves. She generated a lot of heat with this recent post, and people will be anxious to see more.