Spoilers For Tuesday's 'General Hospital': Dante's Rattled After Receiving Bad News

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday's episode indicate Dante Falconeri is going to struggle over some information he's about to receive. Bad news of some sort is about to be revealed to him and, apparently, he'll end up in an even more difficult emotional place than has already been the case.

The sneak peek for the September 15 show shared on Twitter revealed a hint of what's ahead. Teasers detail the doctor managing Dante's case will approach him with upsetting news to pass along. Whatever the physician is about to reveal leaves him feeling bad for needing to bring it up and Dante will appear to be concerned as he waits to hear details.

According to SheKnows Soaps, the information about to be passed along to Dante is considered devastating for him. Will this upcoming revelation persuade him to change his attitude about working with the doctors so he can eventually return to Port Charles?

Given what is happening back home, it seems it could be details regarding Mike's decline that are revealed. It would be understandable he would be devastated to know his grandfather is nearing death, especially since he cannot be with his family during these final days.

Whether's it's Mike's upcoming death or something else, teasers do suggest this could become a game changer for Dante. He refused to see Olivia when she tried to visit him last week, and both mother and son crumbled at the door over the emotional situation. Now she is off on an adventure of sorts with Robert, forging forward after her son's latest rejection.

Teasers hint Dante's condition will continue to be rather fragile for a while. Next week, he will become agitated with his doctor for some reason. It seems likely this frustration will be related to his ongoing stay at the WSB facility in Geneva and the fact some within the organization seem anxious to send him back to Port Charles to take on another mission.

He doesn't feel ready to go home, but he apparently has not been all that cooperative in working with his medical team to become better either. Little is known about this mission the doctor recently mentioned other than it involves someone close to Dante.

Whether he truly becomes better or not, he will be heading back to Port Charles soon. The buzz is that he will return at a juncture when his ex-wife Lulu is getting more serious with her new beau, Dustin, setting up what could become a difficult romantic triangle.

Is the bad news about to be given to Dante related to Mike or something else? Will it be a catalyst for his return home? General Hospital spoilers tease this storyline will get pretty crazy in the weeks ahead and viewers are ready to watch what comes next.