Chris Evans Pokes Fun At Himself After Accidental NSFW Instagram Post: 'Now That I Have Your Attention'

Actor Chris Evans is doing his best to regroup and move on after accidentally posting a nude photo on Instagram this past weekend. In a Monday evening tweet, he attempted to use the attention he received about the mistake to drum up some enthusiasm for voting in the upcoming election.

"Now that I have your attention.... VOTE Nov 3rd!!!" Chris posted on his Twitter page.

The Avengers superstar added a couple of emoji to his note as well. One appeared to be a guy covering his face with his hand and the other seemed to be a guy shrugging his shoulders. The message here apparently was that he accepted the NSFW post happened, he was perhaps a bit embarrassed by it, but he was trying to use it now for good.

The photo that generated all of this excitement was posted — and quickly deleted — on Chris' Instagram page last Saturday morning. The nude image ended up in part of an Instagram story and was presumed it was of Chris, although his face could not be seen.

Fans quickly came to the actor's defense, and many loved his way of utilizing the embarrassment to his advantage in his Monday evening tweet.

Chris Evans attends the Academy Awards
Getty Images | Jason Merritt

The Captain America star has 14 million followers on Twitter and they fully embraced this post. Over the course of about 15 hours, it was liked around 983,000 times, shared more than 176,000 times, and received more than 24,000 comments. As of this writing, each of those numbers was still increasing rapidly.

The comments did appear to be a mix of notes supporting Trump versus those against him. Those who follow Chris' social media page know he's become quite vocal when it comes to politics, and he has frequently been fairly critical of Trump. That didn't stop some of the president's fans from posting about their support for the current president though.

"Love you Chris but this girl is voting RED! #Trump2020," wrote one fan.

"Don't worry baby.... I'll do it for you and your super soldier," quipped another commenter.

"We're all here for the big D energy. Meaning Big Democrat energy of course!" teased someone else.

A number of people tweeted posts signaling they thought this was a brilliant and well-played power move. A few joked that perhaps Chris had posted the nude image intentionally in order to set the stage for this voting-related post, although that didn't seem to have actually been the case.

"That's like my hero @ChrisEvans.what a magnificent comeback. You are a true warrior Honey. Thnq for not giving up. Thnq for defeating the stress, the anxiety. Sending a big and tight hug your way," shared another fan.

Chris may have been embarrassed by the incident from the weekend, but it appeared he did his best to find a silver lining and poke a bit of fun at himself at the same time with this last social media update.