Country Singer Maren Morris Opens Up About Mental Health And Political Views

In an exclusive interview with CBS News, country superstar Maren Morris revealed that she has dealt with postpartum depression during the pandemic, which made it difficult to get back into writing songs. She also explained her political opinions in the midst of the presidential campaigns.

The singer was in labor for nearly 30 hours and eventually had to have an emergency C-section to safely bear her son, Hayes, in late March. After the coronavirus caused the entire country to shut down, Morris opened up about her battle with depression at the time.

"I'm kind of coming through the tunnel now, I feel back to normal. Fortunately, I was able to do phone therapy during the pandemic," she stated.

The singer admitted that the combination of becoming a new mother, while not having the ability to go on tour and perform, something she felt she's always been able to have control over, caused her to feel like she was drowning.

According to People, Morris also dealt with a lot of criticism after posting a picture of her and her son on a float on Instagram.

"You're trying to become a new mother and good parent and do everything right and you just feel like you suck at every level," she explained.

Her platinum-selling hit song "The Bones" spent 19 weeks at No. 1 on the country music charts, breaking the record for a female solo artist. Morris felt that the popular song's lyrics meant more than a love story.

Maren Morris performs at her
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"The message behind 'The Bones' was taking on a larger theme beyond love song. It was 'the house don't fall and the bones are good,' a lot of people reached out to me and said 'that's our country right now,'" she commented.

Morris has been outspoken in her views about certain issues going on within the country on her social media, and openly supports the Black Lives Matter movement, something she feels has not at all negatively impacted her success in the country music world.

"It's a human issue," Morris explained, while brushing off the assumption that her views were politically driven. The singer felt she needed to speak out because of the need for justice and reform.

"I wanna be on the right side of history," she stated.

The musician, who is the most nominated artist in the upcoming Academy of Country Music Awards, has expressed numerous opinions on Twitter, including her political views, postpartum depression awareness, and the Black Lives Matter movement.