Sara Orrego Lowers Jeans To Show Off Killer Lingerie-Clad Figure

Sara Orrego thrilled many of her 1.5 million Instagram followers on Monday, September 14, when she uploaded a smoldering photo of herself striking a powerful pose that highlighted her lingerie-clad body.

The Colombian model was photographed indoors as she stood in front of a blank wall. Orrego had her legs past shoulder-width while kicking her hips to the side at the same time, creating a dynamic stance. Her right hand rested against the top of her thigh as she bent the left elbow slightly, highlighting her toned upper arm.

The camera was below eye-level and Orrego had to glance down at it. She had a proud facial expression, with intent eyes and lips pressed together.

Orrego had on a pair of light-washed jean pants, which were entirely unbuttoned and lowered onto her legs. This way, both the upper and lower half of her underwear were visible in the shot. The set was made from a dark material with a light texture that gave off a sparkly effect.

Her bra had small triangles, a medium lower band with a round silver-colored detail in the middle and thin shoulder straps. The cups were wide apart, teasing a bit of cleavage. The bottoms sat low, showcasing her tight stomach and obliques. She wore the sides a bit higher than the front, though they still hugged her hips.

Orrego's brunette tresses were styled in loose curls that she swept over to the right, allowing the hair to fall over her shoulder.

The post proved to be popular with her admirers. In under a day, the picture has garnered more than 70,600 likes and upward of 460 comments. Her fans flocked to the comments section to praise Orrego's figure, beauty and style. The compliments came in languages ranging from English, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic.

"You have a spectacular body. All your hard work has clearly paid off!!! Gorgeous," one user wrote.

"Beautiful [heart-eyed emoji] Kisses from Brazil," replied another user.

"Wow [string of heart-eyes emoji] thank you babe for your picture. always beautiful," a third fan chimed in.

"So beautiful and so cute," added a fourth admirer.

Orrego is known among her fans for both her toned physique and fashion sense. Last week, she shared an image that combined a bit of the two aspects. As The Inquisitr has previously pointed out, Orrego posed in a rustic and elegant setting by a wooden door that appeared to open to the outside. She wore a brunt orange dress with dark spots, which resembled Fred Flintstone's outfit. She lifted the skirt of the dress to showcase her toned leg.