WWE Rumors: Identities Of Five RETRIBUTION Members Reportedly Leaked From Internal Roster

Citing information from WWE's internal roster, a new report has revealed the possible identities of the five key members of the RETRIBUTION stable.

On Monday, Post Wrestling's John Pollock reported that based on the information he had gleaned, the two RETRIBUTION members who spoke during this week's promo on Monday Night Raw were Dominik Dijakovic and Mercedes Martinez. This is in line with the speculation that emerged after a Reddit user edited a clip from a similar segment on the September 7 episode to change the speakers' slowed-down voices to their normal ones.

Aside from Dijakovic and Martinez, the three other people who stood next to them for the new promo were fellow NXT superstars Dio Maddin, Mia Yim, and Shane Thorne. Last week, one main roster superstar, Mojo Rawley, was also rumored to be among the individuals who participated in the segment, though based on the supposed internal leak, it looks like RETRIBUTION's core membership exclusively hails from the black-and-gold brand. This was further backed up when it was mentioned on this week's Raw that the faction originated from WWE's Performance Center.

As quoted by Wrestling Inc., this reference was made by the member thought to be Dijakovic, who seemed to hint that he and his stablemates may soon be revealing their identities.

"Like you, we once believed that our time at a Performance Center would lead us to fame and wealth. Unlike you, we refuse to suck up to an entitled regime. So while you enjoy your last days of oblivion, we prepare to show you exactly who we are, while we gut your reality. We are RETRIBUTION!"

The members of RETRIBUTION attack Keith Lee and Drew McIntyre on Monday Night Raw.

As further noted by Pollock, the other masked individuals who took part in the group's previous segments are likely extras, thus suggesting they might not be included when the time comes for the big reveal. During the latest segments, there were at least a dozen people who stormed the ring, first during Cedric Alexander's victory celebration with the rest of The Hurt Business, and later during the main event match between Keith Lee and Drew McIntyre, which was declared a no-contest due to the interference.

Prior to returning to NXT, Maddin was briefly used as a color commentator on Raw, though reports suggested that WWE chairman Vince McMahon wasn't happy with his work behind the announce table. Thorne also had a brief stint on the red brand alongside fellow Australian wrestler Brendan Vink, as noted by WrestlingNews.co, while Martinez, Dijakovic, and Yim all made regular appearances on the black-and-gold brand prior to their rumored inclusion in RETRIBUTION.