Ashleigh Jordan Flaunts Chiseled Upper Body & Tight Tummy In 'Arm Day' Workout

Fitness model Ashleigh Jordan posted a new workout video to popular social media site Instagram on Monday, September 14, in which she trained her upper body while flaunting her sculpted figure.

For the workout, the fitness trainer wore a white sports bra with thick shoulder straps and a thick band around the rib cage. The material clung to her upper body while leaving plenty of skin exposed along her arms and tight tummy. On her lower half, Ashleigh wore a pair of blue sweatpants with side pockets and an elastic waistband that tied in the front. The material fell slightly loose on her frame but still managed to highlight her ample backside and curvy thighs.

To complete the look, Ashleigh wore a pair of white sneakers and accessorized with a pendant necklace and glitzy hoop earrings. She styled her long, blond tresses into a ponytail that trailed down her back, while leaving a couple strands loose to frame her face.

The arm training session took place in what appeared to be the model's personal gym. She made use of a variety of equipment, including dumbbells, an inclined bench, and a cable machine. She completed four total exercises, each split into an individual clip in the post.

Before jumping into the exercises, Ashleigh posed for the camera while flexing a bicep. She showed off her sculpted muscles and hourglass figure while flashing a huge smile. She then started a round of seated reverse front raises, using the dumbbells for resistance. Ashleigh sat on a bench and lifted the weights in front of her one at a time. She moved into a set of crossbody tricep extensions next in which she positioned herself on her back with her knees bent and raised one arm to the ceiling with a weight in her hand. She then grabbed her elbow with her other hand and pivoted back and forth.

The third exercise was the shoulder press variation. Ashleigh once again sat for the move and then pushed the weights toward the ceiling from shoulder level. The final move was the lateral cable curl, using the specialized machine.

In the caption of the post, Ashleigh wrote out the number of sets and reps her followers should do for each move. She also wished her followers a wonderful start to their week, adding that she started hers off with a killer arm workout.

The model's latest post earned more than 35,000 likes and close to 200 comments within the first day.