Kelly Ripa Shows Off Spectacular Shape & Holds Hands With Faith Ford In Throwback IG Pic

Kelly Ripa showed off her spectacular shape as she held hands with friend Faith Ford in a throwback Instagram pic. The image was posted in celebration of Faith's birthday. The Live with Kelly and Ryan star looked sassy in a photo that was likely taken to promote the women's television series Hope & Faith, which ran on ABC Television during the years 2003 through 2006.

In the snap, Faith Ford, also known for her work on the 1988 television series Murphy Brown and its subsequent reboot which aired in 2018, stood alongside Kelly for the glamour shot.

Kelly stood on the right side of the pic. She wore a slim-cut tank dress. The garment featured thick shoulder straps and a fitted bodice. The dress fell down to the tops of her knees. It featured a light-colored background and oversized red and pink blossoms. Leaves accented the flowers on the garment. She paired that with sky-high red pumps on her feet.

Kelly's blond hair was blown out pin-straight, and in the snap, it just barely skimmed her shoulders. She did not smile in the image. Rather, she gave the camera a sultry stare.

Faith, who stood on the left side of the photograph, smiled for the camera as she held Kelly's hand in the outdoor shot.

Her short blond tresses fell into light bangs that brushed her eyebrows. The remainder of her hair was pulled back away from her face and secured in the back.

The Murphy Brown star rocked a dark green blouse. It had a trim across the shoulders and tiny buttons that ran the length of the front. The blouse fell to her hips and lay atop a lighter green gauzy skirt. This hit just below her knees. With that, the actress wore green heels with an ankle strap.

The women starred in the sitcom for three years. Faith portrayed the role of Hope, a homemaker and mother of three. Kelly was Faith, a soap opera star whose character was killed off. Jobless, she moved in with her sister and her family in their Ohio home.

In the photograph's comments section, fans recalled the sitcom and shared their best birthday wishes.

"I loved that show!! Love you both!" wrote one fan.

"Happy Birthday and someone needs to make the decision to put the show on Netflix," remarked a second follower.

"Kelly you look wonderful and I've been wanting to thank you for sharing your family with all of us during our quarantine. Your love and respect for everyone are heartwarming," posted a third Instagram user.