September 15, 2020
'Dancing With The Stars' Fans Rip Tyra Banks' Hosting Debut On Season 29 Premiere

Dancing with the Stars fans spoke out on social media following the show's Season 29 premiere featuring new host Tyra Banks.

On Monday, Tyra made her debut on the celebrity ballroom competition, replacing fired hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews. Minutes into the broadcast, longtime fans freaked out over the supermodel's catwalk-style entrance.

In a post shared on the official DWTS Instagram page, Tyra's premiere night look was revealed. The gorgeous America's Next Top Model alum wore a billowy red strapless ballgown and matching long gloves as she made her entrance into the ballroom amid loud canned cheers that were streamed into the audience-free studio.

In comments to the post, longtime viewers immediately ripped the new host and her over-the-top outfit before she even said a word.

"Are you kidding me," one viewer wrote. "Tyra's dress and the stupid catwalk is awful. She needs to get over herself and let the dancers be the stars."

Others slammed the overpowering audience cheers and flashy lighting.

"The fake audience and music is way too loud and distracting! Too much!!" one fan wrote.

"Are we at a damn dance club or a ballroom?" another asked. "The level of class and sophistication has gone down the drain. The lights are out of control too, it takes away from the dancers."

And as the show went on, others blasted Tyra's hosting style and described the DWTS premiere as a "trainwreck." Some called Tyra "insufferable" to watch and demanded that Tom and Erin be brought back.

"Calling the judges 'shady and sippin the tea.' Why does it sound like she's trying to start drama between judges and dancers," one viewer wrote. "Be classy, Tyra. You are not right for this show, please move on."

Tyra, who later did an outfit change and appeared onstage in a pink jacket and red pants, knew she had her work cut out to her going into Dancing With the Stars. The supermodel recently told Glamour that on the heels of the beloved former host's 28-season reign, she hoped viewers would just give her a chance.

While it could take a while for the audience to come around amid the major changes this season on the celebrity dance-off, Tyra did get high marks from longtime judge Len Goodman, who called in from England to give her his signature "10 from Len." The veteran DWTS judge told Tyra everything looked great and he praised her for doing a "fantastic" job in her new role.