Cassie Randolph's Sister Michelle Calls Numerous Claims From Colton Underwood's Camp 'False'

The Bachelor fans have had a lot to absorb over the past few days regarding the dynamics between former lovebirds Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph. Last Friday, Cassie filed paperwork in court requesting a restraining order against Colton. Now, her sister Michelle has taken to Instagram to push back against some of the responses emerging from Colton's camp.

On Monday afternoon, Michelle shared several slides via her Instagram stories calling out some of what appeared in a new article from E! Online about all of this.

As The Inquisitr detailed earlier, a supposed insider from Colton's side claimed that the former Bachelor stars had been filming a new reality television show together over the summer, despite their split. It was the reporting on that supposed project that seemed to spark Michelle's frustration and outrage.

In a screenshot of the article, Michelle noted four spots that she said were false. She said that it was incorrect that Colton chose to drop out of doing the prospective project. In addition, she added that it was false that Cassie was still trying to sell it.

"This is such an obvious attempt to smear Cassie's name to deflect from the seriousness of what was contained in the restraining order," Michelle noted in the next slide of her stories.

Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood star in an ad campaign for Tubi
Getty Images | Jerod Harris

She said that it was incorrect that the rest of the Randolph family had been fully involved with the new show. It also clearly upset Michelle to see the claim that Cassie had liked the attention that came from being in the spotlight, and that this quest for attention was something that upset Colton.

"And FOR THE RECORD I, nor my parents, have filmed or signed any contracts. My parents haven't even spoken once to anyone involved in this potential show," Michelle continued. "The claims of him dropping out are false. He, his 'source,' and everyone involved knows that is a lie."

At this stage, it doesn't appear that either Cassie or Colton has made any mention of this via their Twitter or Instagram pages.

"Okay I'm going to go take a walk now in an attempt to calm my anger over this entire situation," Michelle said in closing.

The allegations made by Cassie are certainly quite serious, as she said he put a tracking device on her car and harassed her via text and unwelcome visits. Given that she has now filed legal paperwork regarding all of this, it would seem likely that a court hearing will be scheduled soon and additional information will emerge. Her family clearly has her back, and fans are stunned by all of it.