Lyna Perez Flaunts Wet Buns And Unties Her String Bikini In The Shower

Cuvaceous model Lyna Perez stunned her 5.4 million Instagram followers Monday afternoon, starting off the week with a steamy snap of herself nearly naked in an outdoor shower. She was soaking wet and flashed a wide, easy smile as she removed part of her skimpy bathing suit. Nearly 60,000 of her lucky fans hit the like button and almost 3,500 left comments in the first hour after the post was uploaded.

Lyna wore a minuscule string bikini that revealed a significant amount of bare skin, even if she had been wearing it completely. She faced the camera with her famous booty and arched her back, leaving just a glimpse of the white bottom visible. A narrow strap rested high over her left hip and disappeared between the alluring cleavage of her voluptuous cheeks.

The top of her suit was still tied behind her neck, but she flung the long strap that had encircled her waist into the air with the hand closest to the viewer, releasing her breasts from the confinement of the soft cups. An enticing view of her sideboob was on display, only partially blocked by her forearm.

The photographer shot Lyna from below, and the upward angle of the camera pulled the primary focus to her rear end, then to the impressive swell of her bust, and ended with her striking features. She gazed down with one eyebrow raised and a sweet, yet seductive expression on her face.

Presumably due to the accompanying caption, Lyna's comments section was flooded with hundreds of purple devil emoji at the time of this writing. One fan also tagged a friend in their comment and begged for a sexy Halloween gift.

However, many fans expressed their adoration with combinations of more standard symbols of lust and love, such as hearts, flames, and tongues.

"Such a gorgeous smile," praised one person.

"Wow just beautiful," declared another fan, following their words with a trio of heart eyes emoji.

"Man how much more beautiful can you get?" inquired a third follower hypothetically.

"Never ending beauty," proclaimed a fourth supporter.

As covered by The Inquisitr late last month, Lyna struck a similar pose wearing a bright yellow thong bikini. She stood on the beach in the summer sunshine and provocatively tugged on her bathing suit bottom while sticking her tongue out at the camera. As mentioned on her Instagram page, it appears that she does, indeed, "basically live in a bikini."