Instagram Model Caroline O'Mahony Flaunts Her Curvy Booty In Skintight Green Leggings For Latest Update

Fitness model Caroline O'Mahony put her curvy figure on display in a spicy selfie for her latest Instagram upload. In the post, she snapped a pic in a mirror while wearing a pair of skintight leggings that accentuated her curvaceous backside.

The Irish bombshell is known for posting workout tips, and in this photo, she showed off her incredible gains. She managed to capture a full-body snap while standing in front of a large mirror that appeared to be at a home gym. Sunlight came in through the windows that were visible on the far wall. There was a stack of aerobic platform steps against one of the walls, while an exercise bike in the background and several other forms of workout equipment could also be seen.

O'Mahony had her back turned while snapping the picture. She kept her left leg straight but stood on the toes of her right foot, helping embellish her curves. The popular YouTuber wrapped her right arm around her stomach and held the phone in her left hand. Her long, dark hair was in a loose ponytail, and she stared into the screen while taking the shot.

The 22-year-old rocked a jade green outfit from the sportswear company Alphalete. She had on a seamless crop top that hugged on tightly to her chest. O'Mahony sported a pair of matching leggings, along with a pair of white sneakers and Nike socks to complete the ensemble. The tight-fitting pants, coupled with the strategic pose, treated fans to a view of her chiseled legs and toned booty.

In the caption, O'Mahony mentioned how much she liked matching fitness gear and asked her followers what type of workouts they did that day. She added a tongue-out emoji and included several hashtags including "#training" and "#mondaymotivation" before uploading the post on Monday.

Many of the model's 686,000 Instagram followers flocked to the selfie, and nearly 7,000 showed their support by hitting the like button in just over an hour after it went online. Her comments section was filled with heart-eyes and fire emoji. Fans flooded her replies with compliments while they responded to the caption.

"Looking amaze...I trained quads and I DIED," one follower commented.

"Monday is leg day for me!" an Instagram user replied.

"You're absolutely perfect," another wrote while adding three fire emoji.

"Need to match at all times," one follower responded.

As covered by The Inquisitr, last week O'Mahony showcased her killer cleavage as she posed in a bra-and-panties set. That scintillating snap earned over 40,000 likes.