Tuesday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Ava Heads To The Cabin, But It May Not Be An Entirely Peaceful Visit

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday's episode suggest that there are major developments on the way for the quartet of Elizabeth, Franco, Ava, and Nikolas. They are all working through the aftermath of their respective forbidden kisses and Ava decided to get away from it all for a few days. However, this short trip may not go as planned.

During Monday's episode, Ava talked with Sonny about getting away from the city for a bit. According to the latest teasers from SheKnows Soaps, she will arrive at the cabin, ready to reset and relax. However, the sneak peek for the September 15 show hinted that it may not be as relaxing as she had hoped.

The preview for Tuesday's General Hospital show revealed that Ava will seemingly face the arrival of an uninvited guest. It appears that someone will open the door and begin to walk in while it is dark both inside and outside of the cabin. Ava seemingly became aware of this potential intruder before his entry, though, as she manages to hit the person over the head with something.

Is this something that truly happens to Ava or just a bad dream or flashback of sorts? She had an ugly encounter with Ryan Chamberlain in a similar setting a couple of years ago, but it did look as if this would be something that she actually faces during this trip.

Marcus Coloma plays Nikolas Cassadine on 'General Hospital'
ABC | Craig Sjodin

Could it be Nikolas who arrives and gets attacked as a result? That seems quite possible, given what transpired during Monday's episode of General Hospital.

Ava called her husband to tell him that she wouldn't be home that evening. This seemed to immediately cause him to become suspicious, and he may have wondered if she was having a secret rendezvous with Franco. He may head to the cabin to try to catch her and get a welcome that he didn't anticipate.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Ava will manage to decompress during her time away from the city. Later in the week, she will spend time reconnecting with her daughter Avery. Given those teasers, it would seem that this mysterious visitor may not cause any lasting stress for her.

Did Franco and Elizabeth stage the kisses and orchestrate an opportunity for someone to get photos? That is something that some General Hospital viewers have speculated might have been the case. Ava and Nikolas both want the other one to violate their post-nuptial agreement, and they thought they could use Liz and her husband to do it.

However, things are getting a bit more complicated than either of them anticipated, with perhaps some romantic and jealous feelings entering the picture for both of them. General Hospital teasers hint that there's more chaos on the way with this storyline as the week progresses, and fans are anxious to see what's ahead.