Catching Fire: The Three Biggest Changes From The Book [Video]

How will The Hunger Games: Catching Fire the film differ from the book? Director Frances Lawrence just came right out and admitted that three major things didn't make the transition from page to screen.

Hollywood has a pretty spotty reputation when it comes to the accuracy of book-to-film adaptations. Still, people flock to the theaters every year to see them, and sometimes the cuts/creative compromises made actually benefit the narrative in the end (or at least the run-time).

Catching Fire comes out this year, and while the film is almost guaranteed to be a hit, some fans might be curious about what did and didn't survive from the original story.

According to Lawrence, three big things were changed.

First, he said that he "manned" up Peete "a little." But don't worry, "the story doesn't really change, his relationship with Katniss doesn't change, he's just a different kind of character." For example, when the new Games start, he won't be paralyzed and can swim by himself.

Second, District 8's Bonnie and Twill aren't in the movie at all. Instead, Katniss will have a new way of finding out about District 13. "That's fun, figuring out new ways around things and new ways of doing things," Lawrence said.

Third, Darius (District 12's peacekeeper) is out.

Still Lawrence reassures that The Hunger Games: Catching Fire "is very, very true to the book," so hopefully these changes settle well with the fans. Check out the second trailer for the upcoming film below: