Anna Katharina Showcases Incredible Physique In Workout Bra & Tight Leggings

Model Anna Katharina took to Instagram to show off her incredible figure Monday. In her update, she rocked a set of workout wear that clung to every curve.

Anna's post consisted of two snapshots that captured her on a treadmill which was next to a mirrored wall. Other exercise equipment in the reflection included exercise balls, kettlebells and a Bosu ball.

The popular influencer was certainly dressed for a day at the gym. Her slate-gray workout bra had a low-cut neckline, and she paired it with coal-colored, high-waisted leggings. The tight pants stretched over her booty and legs, highlighting her fit figure.

Anna wore her hair in a ponytail high on her head with a few tendrils framing her face. She also sported a pale shade on her fingernails.

In the first picture, Anna stood on the treadmill with her hands on the side rails while she looked at the camera with a serious expression on her face. Her reflection was clear while her body was blurred in the foreground. She leaned forward just a bit, showing off the curve of her butt and the tops of her thighs. Her bustline was also on display. In the foreground, her cleavage and flat abs were the focal points.

The second photo showed a little more of Anna's body, though her reflection was blurred. She stood with her feet on the sides of the treadmill while she held one of her hands in her hair. Her other hand rested on her lower back. With her lips parted, she looked ahead with a sultry expression. She showcased her trim midsection, which was accentuated by the wide waistband on her leggings.

In the caption, she cracked a joke while also tagging the maker of the outfit.

Anna's fans had nothing but good things to say about her sexy gym look.

"You are so so beautiful," one admirer commented.

"Very sultry. Love it," a second follower chimed in.

"Wow.... That body," gushed a third Instagram user.

"You're so beautiful & healthy," a fourth commenter wrote.

Anna is the picture of health. With her toned physique, she can't go wrong when it comes to looking fantastic in a variety of outfits. She is known for flaunting her famous figure on social media in bikinis. That being said, she sometimes delights her fans with snaps that show her in something different, like the flirty shorts set she posted over the weekend.