Cassie Randolph Reportedly Filmed Second Reality Show With Colton Underwood Before Filing Restraining Order

Cassie Randolph reportedly felt like she had to take legal action against Colton Underwood because she feared for her safety after he quit filming a second reality show with her.

Last week, fans of The Bachelor exes were shocked Cassie filed a restraining order against ABC's former leading man, with accusations that he stalked her, sent her bizarre text messages, and put a tracking device on her car. A source for Colton questioned the timing of Cassie's court filing because the former NFL player has been living in Colorado and hasn't talked to her for a month.

In a new report, an insider told E! News Cassie is "really upset" that she had to file a restraining order and that she "didn't want it to come to this."

The insider added that while the couple announced their breakup in late May, they apparently had been shooting a new reality show together since June. Things reportedly got "really tough" for Colton so he pulled out of the mystery project. However, his ex-girlfriend wanted to continue on.

"Cassie is still trying to sell the show. Her family is also in it. When they broke up, she tried to keep it just friends, but his feelings never went away for her. She did like the attention, so it was very hard for him."
While it is unclear what the second reality series with Colton and the Randolph family was about, fans know that The Bachelor star knows the Randolphs well. Colton temporarily lived with Cassie's clan in their Huntington Beach, California, home, while he was recovering from COVID-19 last spring.

Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood pose together at an event.
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This is not the first time Cassie shot an unscripted series with an ex. In 2015, before she appeared on The Bachelor, she starred in the web series Young Once with her college boyfriend, Caelan Tiongson.

Colton reportedly accused his girlfriend of seeing Caelan behind his back when they were together. A source claimed to Us Weekly that Cassie was in touch with Caelan while she was with Colton and began seeing him again after her split from ABC's former leading man.

The news that Cassie was "upset" about filing for a retaining order comes after a source said it was her idea to stress to fans they had an "amicable" split. In May, the two shared similar breakup posts on Instagram stating that they vowed to remain close friends. The Us insider alleged that Cassie convinced Colton to post the chummy update — after approving it beforehand — and that she allegedly wanted the appearance of a friendly breakup because she was "very nervous about losing her fanbase."