Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak Blasts President Trump For Holding Indoor Rally In Henderson

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak blasted President Donald Trump for holding an indoor rally in Henderson despite the COVID-19 pandemic, calling him "reckless" and "selfish."

As CNN reported, Trump had been off indoor campaign rallies for the past three months, following a thinly-attended June event in Tulsa, Oklahoma, while the city and state were dealing with a surge in coronavirus cases. He had held outdoor rallies, including one in Minden, Nevada, the previous night. Similarly, the president had planned rallies at airport hangars -- a sort of mix of indoor and outdoor settings -- but was thwarted by local laws that prohibit gatherings of more than 50 people.

However, Sunday's rally at Xtreme Manufacturing, a maker of construction machinery, was held indoors. Surrounded by fervent supporters, the president hit on familiar themes, such as his belief that Democrats are attempting to "rig" the election, and that Joe Biden is mentally not up for the presidency.

The event was also purportedly in violation of the same laws that led to the cancellation of planned events at airport hangars. Authorities in Henderson issued a compliance letter and verbal warning to the event organizer, warning that it would be in direct violation of the governor's COVID-19 emergency directives.

In a series of tweets on Sunday, Sisolak, a Democrat, took exception to Trump holding the rally in the city.

nevada governor steve sisolak
Getty Images | Ethan Miller

"Tonight, President Donald Trump is taking reckless and selfish actions that are putting countless lives in danger here in Nevada... The President appears to have forgotten that this country is still in the middle of a global pandemic," he said.

He also pointed to what he described as Trump's failed leadership in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic in a broader sense, pointing to the president's supposed failure to develop a "unified national response strategy" early on, and accusing him of not having the courage to make tough choices.

Sisolak was also blunt when talking about how the rally took place despite being forbidden by law.

"He's decided he doesn't have to respect our State's laws. As usual, he doesn't believe the rules apply to him."
He went on to tout his own record on the coronavirus response, noting that he worked with public health and infectious disease experts to come up with a plan that protected Nevadans while, at the same time, getting Nevada's economy back on track.

He also thanked the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority and the City of Henderson for doing what they can during this crisis.