Rachel Cook Sizzles In Teal Bikini & Unbuttoned Daisy Dukes

Model Rachel Cook took to Instagram Monday morning to share a jaw-dropping pair of photos. She included a caption full of inspiration and reflection that her millions of followers seemed to enjoy. However, it was her incredible physique and revealing ensemble that garnered the most attention.

The pair of photos featured Rachel posing on a boat that was out on the water. The geotag signaled these were taken in Croatia, seemingly in the same area as another recent post of hers that was filled with sultry snaps.

In this case, Rachel wore a teal bikini from the FAE line, pairing the brand's Luna triangle top with the Jones bottom in the same color.

She was positioned on her knees and tilted her head back as she held her hands up to tousle her short, brown hair. She appeared to have her eyes closed and her lips slightly parted in the first upload, as she flaunted her chiseled abs.

The top revealed an enticing amount of Rachel's cleavage and the bottom dipped extremely low across her pelvis. She added a pair of Daisy Dukes that she left unbuttoned, the waistband folded down to reveal even more skin.

The second photo varied only slightly from the first one. Her position was essentially the same, but in this case, her head was turned to the side and her tresses seemed to blow a bit in the breeze. This time, her muscular arms demanded attention while her cleavage and rock-hard abs remained on full display.

Rachel's caption encouraged people to look at what they had created in their lives and do more of whatever they desired. Within just the first two hours, more than 55,000 of her nearly three million followers already liked the sexy snaps. In addition, 350 fans commented.

"Absolute goddess rachel," one fan noted.

"The most beautiful woman," declared a supporter.

"Literally my absolute fav post notification and person in it," another fan shared.

"Just the most beautiful woman on the internet beginning with the heart and projecting through her eyes," raved someone else.

Rachel explained the photos were snapped as part of her work for her online magazine, Nirvana. By the sound of things, the upcoming issue will be an especially stunning one given the sneak peeks she has shared over the past week or so.

The model's fans are almost always smitten with the sexy snaps and revealing ensembles she shares. This teal bikini and gorgeous background made for an especially stunning look and people did not hesitate to shower her with praise in response.