'Dancing With The Stars' AJ McLean Shows Off Over-The-Top Display Of Family Love In New IG Share: 'How Sweet'

Dancing with the Stars celebrity performer AJ McLean proudly showed off an over-the-top display of family love in a new Instagram share. He looked thrilled at the show of support from his clan in the pic, which was taken after a long day of rehearsals with his yet unnamed professional partner.

In the first of three images, AJ smiled brightly at the camera as he took selfie in a decorated living area in his home. The Backstreet Boys member wore a black baseball hat in the photograph. He paired that with a black T-shirt as he made a rock 'n' roll sign with two fingers of his left hand.

Also in the first image, he showed off his living area, which was decorated in neutral colors. Dark wooden floors dominated the space and provided a stark contrast to light-colored sofas and chairs that were arranged in a square shape, with a large ottoman at the area's center. This held candles and vases in the same hue. A small, brown table piled with books was seen in between two club chairs.

Coordinating pillows in tan and gray were seen in all the seating areas, including a comfy blanket in the same hue. Large windows were seen behind the sofa.

Above the four windows, a balloon display with gold, silver, and white inflatables were seen. Assorted balloons in glitter ball shapes were scattered throughout the arrangement.

In the caption of the share, he discussed how long he had been away from his family as he prepared for the first show of the season. He also revealed the moniker of his duo, Team Get Down.

In a second slide, AJ took a snap of three homemade signs crafted by his clan, which includes wife Rochelle and children Ava and Lyric.

On the first, drawn by Lyric, was written the words "good luck daddy." The second featured multicolored stars with the words "Team Get Down We love you." A final sign penned by Ava read, "Daddy you are going to win."

In the final photo, AJ shared a different angle of the festive decorations in his home.

"That is amazing, your family is so supportive, this is the content I want to see on my feed," wrote one Instagram user.

"Go AJ! Have fun and stay safe. good luck to you, you've got this!" shared a second fan.

"I love the signs by your daughters, they are clearly so proud of their daddy already," commented a third follower.