Meg Kylie Flaunts Cleavage & Flat Tummy In Tiny Two-Piece Set For New Instagram Snaps

Meg Kylie has been posting a lot of sexy snaps on her Instagram feed lately. Most have shown her in scanty outfits that flaunt her fit figure, a trend she continued in her most recent upload. On September 13, the Australian model shared two sultry snapshots that showed her in a skimpy two-piece set, tantalizing her viewers.

Meg rocked a light blue set from Oh Polly that was made of ribbed cotton fabric. It included a button-down crop top that had long sleeves. The minuscule garment barely handled her voluptuous assets. As a result, her cleavage was on display, especially when the piece was mostly unbuttoned. From certain angles, a hint of her underboob was also seen.

The length of the top was pretty short that the hem reached her midriff, highlighting her taut tummy and flat abs. She wore the matching pair that clung high to her slim waistline, obscuring her navel from exposure. The bottoms also helped accentuate her curvy hips. Another Instagram post displayed the backside of the clothing. The cut was so short and had a tight fit that it emphasized her round posterior.

In the first pic, the hottie was photographed indoors against a white wall, dressed in her skimpy attire. She posed seductively, angling her upper body slightly to the side. She looked down at the camera with a seductive gaze, as she tugged at her bottoms using her left hand. Her other arm was placed behind her thighs.

The second shot featured a closer look at Meg's body. As she posed, she tugged at the sides of her waistband. In the pics, she carried a white tote bag.

Meg also sported a silver-colored ring. She tied her brunette locks into a messy ponytail, leaving a few tendrils of hair loose to frame her face. In the caption, she wrote something about her ensemble, expressing her admiration over her outfit. She also made sure to tag Oh Polly in both the post and the picture.

The latest share has earned a lot of love from her social media supporters, as most of them dived into the comments section to shower her with compliments and various messages. Fans and a few other influencers hit the "like" button more than 11,600 times and left upwards of 100 comments on the titillating post. Countless avid admirers were short on words, opting to drop a mix of emoji instead.

"That outfit, though. So simple, yet you make it look so good," a fan wrote.

"As cute as the person who is wearing it. Good Morning!" added another follower.