Tom Bergeron's Instagram Flooded With Angry Comments As 'Dancing With The Stars' Returns Without Him

Dancing with the Stars fans are still angry nearly two months after Tom Bergeron was fired and replaced with Tyra Banks after helming 28 glitter-filled seasons of the ABC celebrity ballroom competition.

On the eve of the show's Season 29 premiere-- the first to debut without the veteran television host -- fans posted comments to an unrelated Instagram post as they vowed to boycott the revamped series in support of Bergeron.

As the ABC dance competition's official social media page posted glam pics of the new cast, Bergeron focused on his past.

In an Instagram post, which can be seen here, Bergeron shared throwback photos from what he described as his "regrettable suspenders phase." The throwbacks were from the veteran TV personality's days working in Boston, and he was pictured with late comedian Joan Rivers well before her Fashion Police days.

While some followers did chime in on Bergeron's fashion choice in the comments section, others used the space to vent about the cast shakeup on DWTS.

Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews during an episode of Dancing With the Stars.
ABC | Eric McCandless

Many viewers continued to vow that they will not be watching the show this season in the aftermath of Bergeron's blindside firing.

"You are the world's greatest host!" one fan wrote to him. "Why they chose to not go with you??? Unbelievable! People will stop watching DWTS now."

"I will not be watching Dancing with the Stars until they bring you back and Erin [Andrews]," a second added.

Others agreed they won't be tuning in to the series for the first time in 28 seasons because it won't be the same.

"I'm still bitter you're not [on] DWTS," one fan wrote to the former ABC star, to which another replied, "Right? They just ruined the whole damn show now."

Another fan noted that they fear Banks won't be as good on the fly when unexpected things happen, such as when contestant Marie Osmond fainted on stage during a live episode several years ago and Bergeron handled the emergency without missing a beat. Others said they liked how Bergeron kept things "light" and that they think his replacement seems like she will drum up "drama" as the new host.

While Bergeron has said very little about his firing or about the new season of Dancing with the Stars, he has thanked fans for their support. He also hilariously changed his Twitter bio to read "Former co-host of Footwork With the Famous."

Banks has admitted that Bergeron is a hard act to follow. The supermodel told Glamour that she hopes viewers will just give her a chance.