Josh Allen Is Someone 'You Want To Go Hard For,' New Teammate Stefon Diggs Says

Oliver VanDervoort

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen got a full-throated endorsement from one of his new teammates after their opening-day win over the New York Jets. Stefon Diggs talked to the media after the victory and, according to Josh Alper of Pro Football Talk, he said he loved playing with the signal-caller.

One of the things Diggs said that he likes most about Allen is that he approaches the game in a way that allows him to have fun. According to Jourdon LaBarber of, he said Allen still has a "little bit of a kid in him."

"He's out there having fun and I enjoy it you know, I'm always in his ear trying to keep that positive energy going just because I can't imagine how hard it is to play quarterback," Diggs said. "But when I see him out there having a good time, it gives me a little bit of a push in the back."

He went on to add that the way Allen plays the game gives him and his teammates motivation to keep pushing. He said the QB does things in a way that makes players say "you want to go play for this guy."

Diggs added "you want to go hard for this guy" because he's going to go just as hard for the men he plays alongside.

After he joined the Bills earlier this offseason in a trade from the Minnesota Vikings, Diggs said he started up a friendship with Allen almost immediately.

While the two reportedly took a liking to each other right away, they still had some things to learn about each other. Because there were no preseason games, this was the first time the two took the field together in a game setting.

Allen's mobility and ability to take a hit when on the run was something that stood out to his new teammate. His willingness to stick his head in and take contact was one of the reasons the wideout felt motivated to go out there and play just a little bit harder on Sunday.

Alper pointed out that, despite the Bills' 27-17 win over the Jets, not everything went perfectly for Allen. Despite completing 33 of 46 passes for over 300 yards and two touchdowns, while rushing for 57 yards and another TD, he also lost two fumbles. However, Alper said it was still a very good first step for Allen in his pivotal third season.