Stassi Schroeder's Stunning Home Decor Steals The Spotlight In Fiance Beau Clark's Football Photos

Stassi Schroeder stole the spotlight in her fiance Beau Clark's latest Instagram photos—and she wasn't even in the pictures. The pregnant former Vanderpump Rules star's gorgeous home decor sparked a flurry of comments on social media while her man was just trying to get out the door to watch the Rams game.

In new photos shared to his Instagram page and stories, Beau was pictured in full L.A. Rams regalia as he dragged a memento-filled storage bin through his house. In the caption to the post, the commercial casting agent touted the beginning of his team's NFL season.

Yet, in the comments section to the social media photo, there was a whole thread about the gorgeous decor that was photo-bombing Beau in the background. Beau's "Ram's Country" pic was hijacked as fans zeroed in on the couple's stylish black dining room table, crystal chandelier, and gallery wall that was filled with photos and artwork of all shapes and sizes with frames in black, brown and gold.

After Beau wrote that he was "walking into the 2020 Rams season like," Stassi replied, "Yea yea. Our gallery wall though."

Many fans chimed in to say the wall was what they noticed as well.

"It's the first thing I saw. Obsessed," one fan wrote.

'That's what I was looking at. Loving those frames it's got that boujee vibe I love," another added.

"My first thought was literally, 'Wow, looks like they have done so much decorating!'" a third fan wrote.

"[Stassi Schroeder] Can you have him scoot to his left I need to see more of this dining room," another follower requested.

Others asked Stassi to post a full house tour or at least a close-up shot of the complete art display.

Stassi has been very quiet on social media since her sudden firing from Vanderpump Rules back in June and her subsequent pregnancy announcement. Fans have been dying to see the progress on the house the couple purchased, so this tiny glimpse was appreciated even if it did take away from Beau's football-themed post.

While several of the Vanderpump Rules couples purchased homes in Southern California's Valley Village neighborhood last year, Stassi and Beau went their own way and purchased their dream home – an older, $1.7 million Mediterranean-style property in Hollywood Hills – with plans to renovate it. A few months later, Stassi was fired from the Bravo reality show she starred in for eight seasons and lost her podcast sponsorship deals, but it's clear she has been spending at least some of her downtime in interior decorator mode.