Sophie Van Oostenbrugge Gives Fans An Eyeful Of Her Chiseled Tummy In New Abs & Cardio Workout

Fitness model Sophie Van Oostenbrugge posted her latest workout video series to popular social media platform Instagram on Sunday, September 13. The model showed off her chiseled abs while completing a cardio and core-training circuit.

For the workout, Sophie wore a dark green sports bra with spaghetti straps and a scooped neckline. The top left plenty of Sophie's torso on display, drawing the eye to her sculpted arms, shoulders, and upper back. She paired the bra with light green gym shorts that were made of a moisture-wicking material and hung loose on Sophie's legs. The thick elastic rose to bellybutton level, giving viewers an eyeful of her flat tummy.

To complete the outfit, Sophie wore a pair of pink sneakers. She accessorized with a pink exercise watch and wore her long, blond tresses in a high ponytail to keep her hair out of her face during the training session.

The exercises took place in two locations. The first was a seaside running path at sunrise while the other was Sophie's outdoor terrace, where she built a makeshift gym. She used a variety of equipment to complete the ab portion of the session, including machines, a weighted ball, and a mat on the floor.

Sophie began the video with a mirror selfie. She posed with her hair loose and flowing down her back and her hip popped to the side. The position made certain that her followers would have an unobstructed view of her midsection. The workout kicked off with a 30-minute run. She filmed herself as she ran along the shore and then directed the camera at her watch to show that she has a daily goal of 10,000 steps.

The fitness trainer moved into the core portion on her terrace, beginning with a crunch variation in which she used a weighted ball and bench to complete the move. She followed up with reverse crunches, bringing her lower body up toward her head instead of the other way around. The third move was the plank up-and-down, carried out on the mat. Sophie completed the circuit with a reverse plank, which she held for the maximum amount of time before coming out of the position.

In the caption of the post, Sophie told her followers that her routine was the best start to the day. She encouraged her fans to give it a try and added that if they don't like running, they can walk instead. The important thing is to get their body moving.