Katy Perry Shows Off Daisy Dove's Surprising Handmade Baby Gift From Taylor Swift

Katy Perry shared photos of a sweet baby gift she received from Taylor Swift.

Nearly one month after giving birth to her daughter, Daisy Dove, her first child with longtime love Orlando Bloom, the "Roar" singer received a precious keepsake from the superstar.

On Instagram, Katy posted two photos of a hand-embroidered pink satin blanket with the words "Baby Bloom" and a tiny flower on it. The new mom also included a close-up of the stitching, and a handwritten card addressed to "Katy and Orlando (and little one)" could also be seen.

In the caption to the post, Katy confirmed to her 107 million followers that the blanket was from Taylor. She also wrote her newborn daughter "adores" the present and hopes Daisy Dove drags the blanket around for years until it becomes "an unrecognizable shred" she holds in her pocket when she is a teenager.

As an added touch, Katy tagged the photo with "Stream Folklore" as a teaser for fans to go listen to Taylor's recently released eighth studio album.

The photos received more than a half million likes within hours of posting. In a series of comments to the post, Katy's fans reacted to the adorable gift from her very famous family friend.


'This is too cute!!!" another added.

"It's better than any expensive brand products. Bet Daisy will love it."

"Taylor knowing how to hand embroider a blankie. What can't she do?" a third fan chimed in.

"Auntie Swift spoiling baby Daisy already," another added.

A few fans zeroed in on the date on the card, May 3, which showed Taylor sent the present to the celebrity couple three months before their child was born. Katy did not have a traditional baby shower due to the coronavirus pandemic, but that clearly didn't stop her friends from celebrating her bundle of joy a little early.

The sweet gift also shows the once rival stars are in a great place.

Fans know Katy and Taylor were embroiled in a lengthy feud that ended a few years ago. Katy previously revealed the beef between the pop stars started about backing dancers and that when she tried to talk to Taylor about it, the Grammy winner retaliated by writing a nasty song about her instead, according to Time.

Fan have long speculated that Katy's song "Swish Swish" was in response to Taylor's "Bad Blood."