Halle Berry, 54, Rocks Daisy Dukes & A Shirt With A Message, And Some People Aren't Happy

Treva Bowdoin

Halle Berry isn't shy about showing off her fit physique on social media, and the shorts that she wore in her latest Instagram update put her powerful legs on full display. However, it was the message delivered by her top that really got her fans talking.

On Sunday, the 54-year-old Oscar winner shared a set of two images with her 6.5 million followers. In the first, she stood on a large slab of stone on the side of a hill. Behind her, a number of similar slabs created a set of massive steps that led up to a building. She was surrounded by dense green foliage, and tall trees provided plenty of shade.

Halle was barefoot and rocked a pair of faded Daisy Dukes that were chopped off high on her thigh. She teamed them with a black T-shirt that had words printed on in it in large pink lettering with a strong message.

"Arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor."

The actress also wore a beige pageboy hat with a floppy crown. The brim hid her eyes from view as she looked down in her initial photo.

In her caption, Halle accused the police officers who shot and killed Breonna of murder. She noted that it's been six months since Kentucky law enforcement officials mistakenly entered the 26-year-old woman's apartment during a drug bust. Numerous celebrities have called for charges to be filed against the four officers who shot her, and a petition calling for the same has topped 10 million signatures on Change.org.

However, a large number of Halle's Instagram followers were not on board with the cause, which is often tied to the Black Lives Matter movement. They defended the police and accused the actress of not reading their reports. Others complained about the rioting and looting that has occurred during BLM protests.

"Arrest them for what? You have no clue what the facts of the case are if you think the officers should be locked up," another person wrote.

Others let Halle know that they shared her feelings.

"Arrest the cops that didn't follow protocol in undertaking their job that took away this young woman's life!!!" said one commenter.

"Please, everyone keep up the fight!" another message read.