September 14, 2020
Georgina Mazzeo Shakes Her Booty In Black Bodysuit, Daisy Dukes & Face Mask

Venezuelan model and influencer Georgina Mazzeo utilized her popular Instagram feed to hype another one of her social media accounts on Sunday, September 13. With her latest video update, the 28-year-old offered her 2.2 million followers a glimpse of the kind of content they can see on her TikTok profile -- which she shouted out in the caption -- by performing a choreographed dance routine while sporting a skintight bodysuit, Daisy Dukes and a face mask.

Although the post's visuals were a far cry from her more revealing offerings on the platform, Mazzeo nonetheless managed to ooze sexuality as she moved her frame to the music in the clip.

As the reel began, the camera was moving with Mazzeo while she engaged in a full-on strut down a wide, brick walkway with her shiny, dark hair bouncing along the way. After taking several steps, she put her hands on her hips and then stopped in unison with the sound of a gun firing in the video's audio track.

Mazzeo then commenced with her arm waves, hip gyrations and other rhythmic gestures as the music picked up. It wasn't just aimless booty shaking, either; her dance routine appeared to have been well-practiced and included a series of moves that were executed with a high level of precision.

The model's scanty, cut-off jeans -- which were frayed at their lower ends -- had left a considerable gap at her waist where the bottom curl of her black bodysuit gave way to her slender thighs. Just below the Daisy Dukes, the brunt of her legs was covered by black, thigh-high boots.

Meanwhile, her shoulders, prominent collarbone and sharp neckline were all shown with a high level of detail due to the plunging nature of her suit. The cut of her top garment also allowed for a sneak peek at her cleavage, which added to the enticing nature of the footage. Mazzeo completed the look by being COVID-conscious with a protective facemask bearing an animated dog's mouth and nose.

Mazzeo's live-action update generated a sizable response on Instagram, getting double-tapped to the tune of 20,000 likes in under an hour. Her fans couldn't help but share their affection for the spicy reel, either, taking to the post's comment thread in droves with words of affirmation.

"Love the dance moves!" raved one impressed user.

"So how long did u have 2 practice?" asked one fan. "You look cute doing it."

"Lose the mask," pleaded another admirer. "You're too cute for a mask."

"El amor de mi vidad," wrote another commenter in Spanish, which Google translates as "The love of my life."

As shared on September 11 by The Inquisitr, Mazzeo also showed off her cleavage in another photo post which found her wearing a plunging, knitted top and another pair of scanty shorts.