Dasha Mart Is Downright Gorgeous In Corset Jeans And Plunging Top

Russian model and social media star Dasha Mart returned to Instagram Sunday, September 13, with multiple stunning snapshots that offered some of the best looks at her sizable cleavage to date. In the two-pic slideshow, the voluptuous 30-year-old was wearing a plunging black top and off-white corset jeans that accentuated her statuesque curves in addition to allowing for the seductive showing of skin.

In the post's caption, Dasha gave a shout-out to Catwalk Connection for designing her unique jeans, while asking her 1.9 million followers if they approved of the form-boosting garment. If the plethora of positive replies in the comments thread were any indication, they were completely enthralled by the way in which it amplified her bodily dimensions.

"Gorgeously stunning," appraised one impressed user.

"What elegance Dasha," wrote a second admirer. "You are always at the top, but now you are a riot of beauty!"

"Cute outfit," stated a third fan of the model's form.

"You are the most beautiful woman in the world," declared another smitten follower.

In the first photo of the sexy spread, Dasha was captured in a medium shot as she stood before a large mass of green vegetation. With her legs spread slightly, her arms resting at her sides, and her lengthy locks catching the wind, she posed with her eyes closed and her full lips curling upward at the corners into a sweet smile.

The straps of Dasha's skintight top extended to well below her underarm area, allowing for a downright gorgeous display of the great divide between her large, perky breasts. Just below the bustline, her corset perfectly conformed to the contours of her waist, hips, and buttocks as it transitioned into her pant legs.

She accessorized with a platinum-hued ring on her left thumb; a solid, gold-tinged bracelet on the corresponding wrist; a gold chain around her neck; and a black purse hanging over her right shoulder.

She remained in the same location for the slideshow's second picture, but had moved into a seated position atop the small, white barrier that stood in front of the aforementioned shrubbery. Dasha had turned to her right in this shot, offering a side view of her sinuous physique. While her profile was well-evident as a result, her blond-highlighted hair largely obstructed her face.

Dasha's latest update generated a significant response among her fans, having accrued almost 10,000 likes as of this writing.

As shared previously by The Inquisitr, she went braless under an asymmetrical crop top and jeans in another alluring update earlier this month.