Upcoming 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Liz & Franco's Money Problems Escalate

Down the road spoilers for General Hospital suggest that there will be more money problems coming up for Liz and Franco. This storyline came up a few weeks ago when Franco decided to do Ava's portrait. He wanted to make sure that there was college funds for Cameron and took on the project, despite his wife's objections. Now it looks like they may be hurting even more with Liz's job in jeopardy.

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central tease that the week of September 21 will bring some drama between the two. They will clash over finances, and it's likely because of the whole shake-up at GH. On Friday's episode, Liz was shocked when new chief of staff Britt Westbourne reassigned both her and Epiphany. Liz just had her full time position slashed down to a two-day shift, while Epiphany went from head nurse to an administrative job. Needless to say, they were livid. If Liz and Franco had financial issues before, they will have even more with her barely working.

Money is not the only issue that the couple has at the moment. Also on Friday's General Hospital, Franco kissed Ava and Liz kissed Nikolas Cassadine. They all regretted it, except for Nikolas who didn't think it was a wrong thing to do.

Spoilers say that Liz will apologize to her husband. But will she actually tell him about the kiss? Will Franco also admit that he kissed Ava?

During those scenes, there was someone taking pictures of the four of them. As The Inquisitr had previously pointed out, there is a possibility that Liz and Franco are playing Ava and Nikolas somehow and decided to stage it all to get back at the Cassadines. Another scenario is that someone else decided to catch them all in the act as well. It looks like Ava will be heading out on a little getaway this week to relax and clear her head after the kiss with Franco.

It seems that the Baldwins will have their hands full not only with their friendships with Nikolas and Ava on the line, but also with their financial woes. Franco may want to resume his dark paintings in order to bring in some much-needed money for their family.

"Friz" fans do not want to see this couple break up at all. They are a favorite on General Hospital, but of course, most couples end up with some drama in their relationships at some point, and it looks like these two will have more angst very soon.