UFL letting its fans pick the name of its Hartford team

Since the New York Sentinels have moved to Hartford, Conn. the UFL and the local Hartford Fox affiliate are having a contest where the sports fans of Hartford can pick the name of the team. There are four choices, and in typical UFL fashion none of them are very appealing. I would name the team the Hartford Whalers a homage to the old NHL hockey team from the area. Since that is not a choice here is a ranking of my least favorite to most favorite.

Hartford Travelers- This doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue, nor does it sound like a football team. While it is a board maritime kind of name, I don’t think it would work very well. What would the logo be? A guy with a suitcase, no I don’t think this one is going to work.

Hartford Guardians- Hum, I like the medieval theme of it, and the team could keep the black part of their color scheme. However it feels a little too corporate. Hartford, Conn. is a hub of insurance companies and I don’t think mainstream sports fans will accept such corporate branding.

Hartford Knights- Again a cool medieval kind of name that works well with the teams established color scheme. However I can think of several mid tier sports leagues with teams that already feature teams with this name.

Connecticut Yankees- I like this name, when I first read it I though of the Mark Twain book, a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, and I of course thought of the New York Yankees. There has not been a Yankees football team since the 1940’s, and the name sound good. Plus they may lure in some New York fans because of the Yankee moniker.

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