Lindsey Pelas Displays Cleavage In Black Lace Dress With Plunging Neckline: 'I'm Your Huckleberry'

Lindsey Pelas showed off her bombshell body in a tight dress that was both sexy and sophisticated in a double-photo Instagram post. The busty model shared the shots with her 8.8 million followers on Sunday, and they rapidly racked up the likes. In the span of one hour, the count topped 20,000.

Lindsey's photo shoot had a Western theme, and she referenced a popular movie set in the Wild West in the caption of her post. She shared an old idiom uttered by Val Kilmer's character, Doc Holliday, in the 1993 film Tombstone.

Lindsey also wore a black cowboy hat similar to the one Doc rocked. However, the high crown of hers was smooth instead of creased. Her headwear appeared to be crafted out of felt, and it had a wide brim. The dress she wore was the same dark color. It was constructed out of stretch fabric with a floral lace overlay. The garment hugged her every curve to ensure that her hourglass figure was shown in all its glory.

The neckline plummeted down low to make the model's famously massive chest the real star of her photos. Her deep cleavage was further enhanced by the design of the bodice, which appeared to push her breasts together. The sides of the deep V neck tapered up to form the narrow shoulder straps. The edges of the garment were finished with scalloped lace. Lindsey's bubblegum pink fingernails added a pop of color to her look.

She posed in a desert setting. The ground was sandy, but a few scattered shrubs and other scrubby plants were growing in it. The bright blue sky behind her was mostly clear, save for a couple of small wispy clouds.

Both of Lindsey's photos showed her from the tops of her thighs up. For her first pose, she jutted her right hip out to the side and reached up to touch the brim of her hat. At the same time, she turned her head to the right. Her eyes were downcast.

Lindsey's pose was almost unchanged in the second shot. However, she was looking straight at the camera. Her full lips were pressed together, and it looked like the smallest hint of a smile was playing on them.

Her fans took to the comments section of her post to praise her beauty and her choice of apparel. One fan who mentioned Doc Holliday earned a "yeehaw" from Lindsey.

"You are extremely beautiful!! I like the hat," read one message.

"Love the view and you," gushed another admirer.

"You look gorgeous in that dress!" a third fan chimed in.

"Beauty beyond words," said a fourth user.

Many of Lindsey's followers seemed to agree with this last sentiment, with a number of them responding to her pics with heart-eye emoji instead of words.