Demi Rose Tugs On Tiny String Bikini To Showcase Her Insanely Curvaceous Physique

Shawna Cory

Instagram model Demi Rose stunned her 14.5 million followers in her most recent social media update on Sunday afternoon. The busty brunette shared a series of images that flaunted both sides of her stunning figure. The post racked up over 45,000 likes in the first 35 minutes after it was uploaded.

Demi wore a minuscule bathing suit that left very little to the imagination and revealed even more bare skin when she teasingly pulled the center of the top down in two of the photos.

The top featured triangle cups that appeared exceptionally small in comparison to Demi's ample assets, which swelled alluringly below the lightweight material. A pair of spaghetti straps tied behind her neck and one encircled her slender rib cage.

The bikini bottom was a narrow strip of fabric that barely covered her and rode high over both hips. The strings were tied in bows even with her waist, with the ends dangling down over her voluptuous thighs.

The ensemble was tie-dyed vibrant orange and pink shades that beautifully complemented her caramel complexion.

The first and third snaps were nearly identical, with just a slight alteration in Demi's expression. The primary shot displayed Demi looking slyly sideways with her brown eyes half-closed and her lips parted, exuding a sassy, sexy attitude.

In the next version, she tilted her head to the side, closed her eyes and flashed a blissful, seductive smile. One corner of her mouth rose higher than the other and emphasized one of her dimples.

Demi sprawled out in a rustic woven hammock with grassy fibers emanating from it, atop a cushioned pad that protected her bare skin.

She draped her left arm over her head and looped her right fingers around the bikini string between her breasts, tugging down on the stretchy fabric. Her right thigh crossed over her other leg and accentuated her hourglass shape.

She rested her hands on either side of her waist and arched her back, emphasizing the roundness of her famous booty.

In this snap, Demi accessorized with a pair of silver-rimmed sunglasses with dark, reflective lenses.

She also wore a small pair of gold-colored earrings and multiple bands on her fingers. Demi's long hair was parted in the center and plaited into double french braids.