Brennah Black Slides Down Black Lace Lingerie In Sultry Video Update

Brennah Black looked smoking hot in her most recent Instagram post, sending pulses racing on Sunday afternoon.

The blond bombshell thrilled her 616,000 followers with a short black-and-white clip in which she put on a smoldering show while scantily clad in lingerie and black stockings.

Brennah's three-piece set featured a floral-patterned lace mixed with sheer panels and decorative seaming. The elegant design lent an air of lavish sophistication to the ensemble.

The edges of the underwire bra cups and the front of the thong were lined with a wispy embellishments that created an alluring shadow across her pale skin.

Tiny bows graced the garter belt and either side of the panties underneath.

Brennah accessorized with simple silver jewelry that matched the shiny clasps on her attire: a thin bangle around her wrist and a pair of hoop earrings.

The image still that introduced the video pictured Brennah sitting with her bent knees closest to the camera, putting her right hand draped over her leg in focus. In the blurry background, her head tilted and platinum curls spilled across her face.

A glimpse of her upper thighs were visible above the opaque stockings encircling her legs.

During the slow-motion clip, Brennah seductively caressed her body as the scenes cut rapidly from one angle to the next. At one point, she slid her left bra strap down off her shoulder and gazed down at the camera with an enticing expression.

The video racked up over 1,500 likes in the first hour after it was uploaded, and over 160 followers chose to leave their praise and adoration in the comments section.

"Greetings Brennah Black, sweet seductive golden angel," gushed one particularly devoted fan, who was not the only one to call her an angel.

"You are really so splendid as always," raved a second person.

"Ride da' die Baby!!!" exclaimed a third fan, who responded exuberantly to the song that was quoted in the caption.

"I love the eroticism that he puts in his art," complimented a fourth follower, referring to the cinematographer whom Brennah credited.

Several people also inquired about the brand of the lingerie she wore.

Those who elected not to express their feelings in words strung together various affectionate emoji, such as hearts, flames, and kisses.

As recently reported by The Inquisitr, Brennah recently teased fans with a series of titillating snaps. She wore a sheer ensemble with racy chain detailing that showed off her ample assets, as she posed provocatively for the camera.