'OG Insta Golf Girl' Paige Spiranac Shows Fans Her 'Bump And Run' In Tiny Skintight Skirt

Social media star Paige Spiranac stunned her 2.8 million Instagram followers after posting a new video where she instructed how to properly hit a "bump and run" shot. The upload was part of her "Quickies" series, where the pro golfer shares short pieces of advice on how to master popular strokes.

In the new upload, Spiranac wore a bright yellow top which popped against her sun-kissed skin. The garment was sleeveless and not only showcased her toned arms, but also gave her a free range of motion for her stroke. The neckline was a low V-silhouette that revealed a generous amount of the model's décolletage. The fabric was made from a skintight material that showcased her curves.

Spiranac paired the top with a tiny black skirt. Like the top, it was made from a spandex-like material. The skirt had a mid-rise silhouette and the waistband rested just above her hips to accentuate her hourglass figure. The hemline was incredibly short and ended at her upper thighs.

The pro athlete completed the look with a pair of bright white golf shoes and a black golfing glove. Spiranac styled her hair into a half-up, half-down look. A few loose strands framed her face while the rest of her wavy blond locks cascaded down past her shoulders.

The setting for the video was a lush golf course, with a number of cacti and other desert plants in the background.

The first tip that Spiranac offered was on choosing the proper club. She recommended a pitching wedge or the nine, eight, or seven irons. Next, she noted that golfers needed to choke down on the grip, adding that the tip was "was a must."

Spiranac explained that the club face should be square and that players should keep their stances narrow. She told golfers to keep 70 percent of their bodyweight on the front foot and make sure to use as little wrist movement as possible throughout the swing. The last tip was to keep the club pointing at the target through the end.

To conclude the clip, the social media star demonstrated the challenging shot, sinking it into the hole.

Fans loved the new upload, awarding the video over 45,000 likes and more than 660 comments.

"Great tip... Can't wait to try it," raved one fan, emphasizing the sentiment with hang-low hand symbol and a fire emoji.

"Now THIS is SUPER USEFUL. More of the these please," requested a second fan.

"I'm learning so much watching her tips," echoed a third follower.

"I'd definitely love to play a round with you," wished a fourth follower, concluding the comment with both a red heart and a heart-eye face emoji.

This is far from the first time this week that Spiranac has dropped jaws on the golf course. As was previously covered by The Inquisitr, she recently floored her followers after bending down on the putting green in a revealing athlesiure-inspired ensemble.