Donald Trump's 'Desperation' Led Him To Accuse Joe Biden Of Drug Abuse, President's Niece Says

Donald Trump's "desperation" led him to make an unfounded accusation that his political opponent could be abusing drugs, the president's niece says.

As CNN reported, Mary Trump sounded off on her uncle's recent claim that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is possibly abusing drugs. The president has made unfounded hints in the past that his opponent is abusing drugs and did so again this week in an interview with Fox News host Jeanine Pirro.

"There's probably, possibly drugs involved. That's what I hear," he said.

There have been no reports indicating any truth to the allegation against Biden.

Speaking to CNN's Brian Stelter on Reliable Sources, she said that the accusation is a sign of his "desperation" and claimed that "he's grasping at straws at the moment." She went on to say that his accusations that Biden is suffering cognitive decline are rooted in Donald Trump's own awareness that his mental fitness is declining.

"He projects about almost everything," Mary Trump said, adding that she did not have any knowledge of her uncle using drugs. "Normalizing him — which has been going on for decade[s] — is one of the reasons we're here."

Other critics have claimed that Trump often projects his own shortcomings onto others. Paul Siegel wrote in Psychology Today back in 2018 that Trump often sounds like he is engaging in what famed psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud called projection, which Siegal wrote was the "attribution of one's own forbidden -- and typically malevolent -- motives, impulses, or emotions to others."

Joe Biden speaks to supporters.
Getty Images | Jeff Swensen

The president has made a number of unfounded allegations both about the Democratic candidate and his supporters, including claims that Democrats could be planning to conduct widespread voting fraud in the upcoming election. He has regularly attacked the efforts to expand mail-in voting by claiming that it is ripe for fraud, an allegation that opponents say holds no merit. And last year, he faced an impeachment process for attempting to pressure Ukraine into an investigation of his opponent for allegations of corruption that critics say also had no evidence to back them. He was eventually impeached but acquitted by the U.S. Senate along a mostly party-line vote.

Mary Trump has published a tell-all book about his upbringing and family secrets. As she told CNN back in July, she believes that the pressure experienced during his formative years left lasting damage on her uncle.

"Donald is a psychologically deeply damaged man, based on his upbringing and the situation with his parents," she said.