Morgan Ketzner Flaunts Petite Bikini Bod Wearing Cowgirl Crop Top: 'He Said Howdy, I Said Hi'

Model Morgan Ketzner posted a photo on Sunday morning that titillated her 522,000 Instagram followers. She posed in a tranquil beach scene filled with varying shades of turquoise and white, and was geotagged in Cabo San Lucas. The post received nearly 4,000 likes in the first hour after it was uploaded.

Morgan wore a crop top and pair of bikini bottoms printed with tiny pink roses, both of which showed off her tanned physique.

The T-shirt had a rolled hem that ended several inches above her navel to expose the lines of muscular definition across her abdominal area.

"Cowgirl" was printed across the front in red capital letters, just below Morgan's pert breasts. It also featured a sweet graphic of a girl with round, rosy cheeks wearing a western hat and an exaggerated pair of chaps, holding a tabby cat in both arms.

Although Morgan appeared to have used the quote in reference to her attire, her caption was a section of the lyrics from the song, "Paul Revere," by the Beastie Boys. She emphasized her meaning with a smiling emoji wearing a cowboy hat, as well as a waving hand symbol.

Morgan posed facing the camera and looped her fingers beneath her bikini bottoms on either side, gently tugging the straps. Her pale-colored eyes were wide and she parted her lips as she gazed at the lens.

She posed standing on gray marbled tile next to a lounge chair with wooden arms and a blue-and-white striped cushion.

On her right, a small arched structure with a tiled roof covered what appeared to be a swim-up bar next to an empty, crystal clear swimming pool. One of the structural pillars was faced with decorative brick, and a small potted plant added a pop of green to the otherwise almost monochromatic environment.

It was difficult to tell where one stopped and the other began, but the pool transitioned to the vast ocean somewhere behind where Morgan posed. It was seemingly framed in a circular shape, and featured an infinity edge which created the illusion of the two bodies of water flowing into one another.

The sky appeared exactly the same color the ocean below, and the idyllic patchwork of clouds matched white caps from mellow waves rolling over the surface of the sea.

Just a few days ago, The Inquisitr reported that Morgan looked gorgeous in another tropical environment. She wore an animal-print string bikini while enjoying a morning cup of coffee.