Julianne Hough Shows Off Her Well-Toned Legs In Daisy Dukes During Outing In Los Angeles

Julianne Hough showed plenty of leg during a recent outing in Los Angeles.

The 32-year-old was seen grabbing lunch with her parents on Saturday afternoon, and the Daily Mail shared pictures of the dance pro rocking a pair of Daisy Dukes that provided a great view of her toned legs. Hough also wore a vintage t-shirt and a large pair of sunglasses as she sat at an outdoor table with her parents. As the report noted, her dark blond hair was parted down the middle and styled in soft waves for the casual outing.

The images showed that the professional dancer observed proper social distancing measures during the trip, wearing a large black mask over her face while traveling to the restaurant and only taking it off at her table. Once seated, Hough took a drink from a large wine glass and chatted with her folks.

As the report added, Hough seemed to enjoy the time out with her mother and father, and took the opportunity to snap some photos of their lunch.

Julianne Hough poses on the red carpet.
Getty Images | David Becker

"Julianne, who took a seat right next to her mom at the table, appeared to be in a jovial mood," the report noted. "She leisurely sipped on a glass of wine as she chatted with her family members."

"After they finished their meal, Hough could be seen snapping pictures of her precious parents. The entire family then gathered around Julianne's phone camera for a group selfie before departing the restaurant."
There were other family activities for Hough and her parents that day. The lunch trip came after the dance pro and her mother, Mariann, had hosted an intense workout class on Instagram that showed them working up a sweat. The rigorous workout routine gave fans a bit of a glimpse into just how Hough stays in such great shape, and especially maintains the killer legs that she shows off so often.

Hough has been quite fond of wearing Daisy Dukes in recent days. As The Inquisitr reported, she took to Instagram earlier in the week to share a video of herself wearing another set of tiny denim shorts while performing an upbeat routine that she choreographed for the song "Transform," which she put out last year. Hough told followers that the footage was part of a full tutorial she was offering through her Kinrgy website.

The dance video was a big hit with Hough's fans, racking up plenty of likes and supportive comments.