'General Hospital' Spoilers: Olivia Wants To Go On An Adventure With Robert & Fans Are Ready For It

Last week on General Hospital, Robert Scorpio accompanied Olivia Falconeri on a trip to Switzerland to see Dante. Unfortunately, Dante didn't want to see his mother and she ended up walking away heartbroken. Her new spy friend was right beside her all the way, and now she wants to do the same for him.

In the previews for Monday's show, Olivia will still insist that she go with Robert to see if his ex, Holly Sutton, is not dead after all. Last week he got a phone call that sounded exactly like Holly calling for help. However, he knew that this could just be a con job. Whatever the case may be, he is determined to find out for sure. Sometime next week, Soap Central teases that Robert will be in a tight spot. It's likely that he may get caught up in something and will find himself in trouble.

At this point, there is no confirmation of whether Olivia will actually go with him to find Holly, but General Hospital fans are hoping that she does. They would also like to see a possible pairing between these two characters. Some have noticed how well they work together, and it does seem like Robert may just be a bit smitten with her. Fans would love to see more of these two, as they said in responses to a recent tweet from the General Hospital Twitter account.

"Can we just take a second to appreciate how adorable Olivia & Robert are? I mean, come ON!" one person commented.

"Olivia & Robert going on an adventure? I'm sooooo here for this...." a second GH fan said.

"Olivia and Robert are what I never knew I was missing," remarked a third social media user.

Olivia heading out to Monte Carlo with the handsome super spy may be a problem for her husband. Ned doesn't like it much and he will most likely try to talk her out of it if she gets ahold of him. She is determined to not let Robert be alone. They promised to have each other's backs and Robert kept his end of the bargain. Now it's her turn.

General Hospital spoilers said that Robert would get an interesting phone call and he sure did. On the other end was Holly, or someone who sounded just like her. He won't stop searching for her if there's any chance that she is still alive.

Another interesting addition to this story is that Holly's son, Ethan, will be returning. Actor Nathan Parsons will be stepping back into his role on General Hospital very soon. Will the couple run into him along the way? The ABC soap has lots more drama coming up.