Fitness Model Brittne Jackson Flaunts Killer Abs During Home Workout

Fitness trainer Brittne Jackson took to her Instagram page on Saturday night with a series of video clips documenting her at-home abdominal routine, thrilling her 1.7 million followers. The self-professed "Queen of Home Workouts" rocked the sets with effortless ease, looking gorgeous the entire time.

She also left a detailed explanation of her moves in the caption and encouraged fans to take advantage of her instruction without making any excuses.

Brittne — known professionally as Brittne Babe, which is also the name of her company — wore a matching athletic bra and shorts combo that beautifully displayed her fit physique. The clothes were a bright raspberry color and appeared to be made from a soft-textured fabric similar to a lightweight velour.

Both pieces were embellished along the sides with a delicately designed cut-out pattern. The decorative addition created a ruched appearance up both legs and around her torso and was also repeated in a small section across the low neckline. Additionally, two narrow straps extended diagonally from the center of the garment over both breasts and attached to the straps over her chiseled shoulders.

Brittne's shorts were skintight and featured a high, adjustable waistband that clung to her body just a few inches below the hem of her sports bra. The legs left an ample amount of her insanely toned thighs visible.

She finished off the ensemble with a pair of white Nike sneakers.

In the image still introducing the video clips, Brittne posed on her knees and tiptoes and faced the camera at a slight angle. She looked down while simultaneously pulling up her top and tugging down the front of her shorts to show off her ripped abdominal region. Distinct sections of muscular definition surrounded the sparkling crystal jewelry in her navel.

Her long braids were flipped over to one side and spilled over the front of her body, grazing the top of her right leg.

Brittne's Instagram followers flooded her page with praise for how motivational and inspiring they find her.

"Just finished your #21daychallenge it was truly challenging. Thanks for the encouragement and representation in the fitness space. It's well needed. Have a great day!" one fan complimented sweetly.

"She has the prettiest glow. Also gonna have to give this workout a try!" exclaimed a second person.

Just a few months ago, The Inquisitr covered Brittne performing another "bomb workout" in which she demonstrated her full-body circuit.

She upped the intensity of the exercises by working out on a sandy beach, and she looked incredible wearing a vivid yellow outfit that left little to the imagination.