Jen Selter Slays In A Crop Top, Jeans & Heels: 'All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go'

Fitness queen Jen Selter looked phenomenal in a new video she shared Saturday on her Instagram page. It seemed that she took a look she had incorporated into a video a few days ago and spun it slightly into something new and equally as tantalizing.

The clip was only a few seconds long, but that was enough time to drive her millions of followers wild. Jen wore a pair of tight, distressed denim jeans along with a black crop top and high heels to formulate a jaw-droppingly gorgeous look.

Jen wore her dark hair with an off-center part and the long locks gently tumbled over one shoulder. She held her phone up in front of her face to film the brief clip and she stood near what appeared to be a corner of her New York apartment.

As sensational as Jen looked, the setting behind her was absolutely fabulous as well. Windows that appeared to go from the floor up to nearly the ceiling allowed a full view of the city skyline, and dark wood floors synced beautifully with the white window frames and clear glass. The sky was filled with clouds and hues of blue, orange, and yellow, and that portion of the room was free of furniture or any distractions.

"idk what more stunning, that view or you," one fan shared.

Jen started out standing still with one hip cocked and her rock-hard abdominals fully exposed. She then took a couple of steps forward toward what seemed likely to be a mirror, cocked her hip again, and made a peace sign with two fingers on her free hand.

In her caption, Jen teased that she was all dressed up, but had nowhere to go.

Some of her followers joked about how jeans and a crop top were what constituted being dressed up for her. Given that people are used to seeing her in workout gear or bathing suits much of the time, it was a somewhat unusual vibe for her to present. Even given the relatively casual jeans and crop top, it seemed fair to say that Jen's stunning stiletto heels transformed this ensemble into something far beyond basic.

"You are so beautiful that I can't take my eyes from you," someone noted appreciatively.

"You in heels is a different vibe," another fan wrote, with a few fire emoji added for emphasis.

"You are on fire all the time," declared a different follower.

Jen didn't flaunt her backside in this clip, which some people noted they wished she had done. Even without that angle, the fitness model's chiseled abs and jaw-dropping curves generated a big response and prompted her 12.6 million followers to shower her with praise over this look.