Jasmine Sanders Looks Fiery & Fresh In See-Through Orange Gown

Instagram model Jasmine Sanders stunned her 4 million followers on Friday with a beautifully chic new shot. The upload, which was posted on September 11, showed off her incredible style as well as her gorgeous figure, pivoting away from her typical bikini shots, but dazzling her fans nonetheless.

In the image, which was taken outdoors, the Sports Illustrated model was positioned on her knees as she lifted up her hands and elegantly touched her curly, golden blond hair. Jasmine was seated in front of a large tree with plenty of greenery on its branches in what looked like a park. The geotag on the post indicated that the shot was taken in Los Angeles, California.

The eye-popping element of the photo was obviously Jasmine's long-sleeved, maxi dress, which was a bright tangerine hue and made of a sheer, essentially see-through fabric. The gown contained a ruffle pattern throughout, giving an antebellum-esque vibe that seemed to fit perfectly with the shadowy trees in the background. Underneath the frock, the 29-year-old appeared to be wearing a white bikini or undergarments, complementing the bright orange dress.

As soon as Jasmine posted the striking image, her admirers began to respond. Within 15 hours, fans gave the upload more than 28,000 likes and over 200 comments, gushing over her chic style and impressive beauty.

Most of her followers disagreed with Jasmine's assessment in the caption that she wore a "mean" look, letting her know that to them, she only looked attractive and sweet.

"You don't look mean, you look like a princess," one fan responded, reassuring the star of her undeniable beauty.

"Hhmmm not all a mean face just beautiful and refreshing natural," raved a fan, adding kissing face and thumbs up emoji to their comment, assuring Jasmine that her look was nothing but alluring.

Other fans commented on her outfit and loveliness.

"Beautiful lady," commented another adoring follower.

"Beautiful color on you! Wow," wrote an admirer, adding a kissing face emoji to their comment.

Many of the commenters also used emoji to communicate their feelings about the post, with numerous followers using fire and orange heart symbols, reflecting the dress' orange hue.

Jasmine is no stranger to showing off her sleek physique as well as her stylish outfits on her Instagram feed. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the influencer recently flaunted her enviable figure while sporting an adorable, baby pink sweat set. The fresh take on a traditional sweatsuit revealed her toned arms and fit legs. White socks and sneakers completed the look, giving it a trendy, sporty vibe.