Liz Katz Flashes Black Underwear With Red Mini Dress Lifted Up & Compares Herself To Cameron Diaz Character

Cosplay model Liz Katz rocked a red mini dress in a pair of pictures that she shared with her 1.3 million Instagram followers on Saturday, September 12. Thanks to her large baby bump, the garment's hemline fell even higher than it would have otherwise.

Liz isn't shy about showing skin on social media, and she hasn't let her pregnancy stop her from sharing revealing snapshots like those included in her latest Instagram update. The dress that she wore had thin shoulder straps and a wide, plunging neckline that put her deep cleavage on full display. A drawstring bisected the front of the garment to create a ruched effect. The long strings were tied in a bow that dangled down between her legs.

In her first photo, Liz posed with her backside angled toward the camera. She had the back of her skirt hiked up to reveal the black lace underwear she was wearing. Her panties had a cheeky cut that left little of her peachy posterior to the imagination. She stood with her right foot stepped forward. The video-game inspired "Press Start" tattoos on the backs of her thighs were visible in the shot.

Liz also rested her right hand against her thigh and buried the fingers of her left hand in her platinum blond hair. She looked back over her shoulder at the camera, which appeared to be located in her living room.

Liz faced the camera in her second snapshot. The view revealed that she also wore a black tattoo choker necklace. Her skirt was pulled back down, and her baby bump was front and center. Her layered hair was styled in tousled waves with a deep side part that caused a few pieces of hair to fall over one of her eyes. The shot included the anime tattoo on her right arm.

In her caption, Liz compared herself to Cameron Diaz's character in The Mask. In the 1994 Jim Carrey movie, the actress rocks a similarly slinky red dress.

Liz's smoking hot pics received plenty of love from her adoring fans.

"You're sexier than Cameron Diaz," wrote one fan.

"You're beautiful and enjoying your pregnancy. I like it," another added.

"When I see this, all I hear is the song lady humps. You still got that sexy school teacher vibe going on," read a third comment.

A few fans also mentioned the father of Liz's child, YouTuber H2O Delirious.

"I'm so happy that delirious and you are having a baby. You guys will be amazing parents!" wrote one commenter.