Bri Teresi Flashes Nearly Bare Booty In Black Lingerie

Guess girl Bri Teresi continues to be incredibly active on social media, posting sexy snaps and alluring reels on her Instagram feed on a regular basis. However, with her update on Saturday, September 12, the model and influencer served up a special treat for fans, uploading a revealing photo of herself in semi-sheer lingerie.

In the post's caption, Teresi asked whether her fans preferred grapes or peaches. While the former fruit was actually visible in the background of the photo, the latter was likely used as a reference for her peachy rear end.

Regardless of which fruit her admirers preferred, the stunning full-body shot most definitely got their attention.

All of Teresi's statuesque physique was visible in the shot, and the image had a warm, orange-hued glow, probably due to the golden hour light in the photo. She appeared to pose in front of a vineyard, and she stood on a dirt path with towering grape vines behind her.

Teresi's body was largely left uncovered, as she wore only a pair of stiletto heels, a skimpy thong bottom and a bra, all of which were black. Her lingerie appeared to be made of a semi-sheer mesh material, save for the straps and some opaque details barely visible on the front of the bra.

The 25-year-old teased her 1 million followers by spreading her legs and touching her hips and thighs with both hands as the picture was snapped. Teresi further heated things up by turning her head slightly to the left and giving fans a look at her ravishing profile.

She managed to bring some additional sizzle to an already steamy scene by parting her lips slightly and sporting an intense gaze. Her golden locks blanketed her shoulders and back.

Teresi's latest share became another quick hit with her loyal followers, racking up almost 4,000 likes in under an hour after appearing on her feed. Meanwhile, the post's comments thread was littered with words of praise for all that was shown.

"Wow," wrote one user. "It is a pleasure to admire your beauty."

"Really love the peaches wanna shake that tree," joked a second admirer.

"Now that's a rear," said another impassioned commenter.

"This angle forever," added a fan of the rear-view shot.

As reported earlier this weekend by The Inquisitr, Teresi was similarly stunning in another update that showed her posing in nothing but a crotchless set of fishnets and no top to speak of.