Eva Longoria, 45, Lounges In The Pool: 'Just Sitting Here Thankful'

Actress and activist Eva Longoria shared a phenomenal photo via her Instagram page on Saturday. The snapshot provided a glamorous, gorgeous view of both Eva and her surroundings, and fans were clearly quite taken in by the overall beauty of this one.

Eva's photograph captured her in a swimming pool, a pair of strappy metallic high heels on the deck next to her. She had her brunette tresses slicked back and her arms were crossed in front of her on the concrete.

The 45-year-old Texas native appeared to be wearing a bathing suit as she took a dip in the water. However, very little of the suit could be seen in this upload. A couple of light-colored straps crossed over Eva's shoulders, and the rest of her figure was submerged in the water or obscured by her arms.

"You are so stunning. I feel like you just keep getting better with age," one fan commented.

Little else was seen on the concrete surrounding the pool other than the heels, although a potted plant could be spotted on the far edge across from the camera.

In addition, a hazy view of buildings in the distance was visible. The positioning of everything in the snap gave the impression that Eva's location was up on a high hill overlooking the city.

In the caption, Eva asked her followers if they were registered to vote. She said she was thankful she had the right to vote, and this was just the latest in a string of efforts to highlight the importance of the upcoming presidential election.

Eva's caption did prompt a number of people to add political comments regarding which candidate they supported. For the most part, however, users generally either confirmed they were registered or focused on her stunning photo.

Nearly 40,000 of Eva's 8 million followers liked the post during the first hour it was on her page. More than 200 comments came in during that time as well, with plenty of them filled with praise for the breathtaking beauty of the shot.

"ma'am you're stunning," declared one of her supporters.

"Elegant and Lovely!!!" a follower shared.

"Gabrielle Solis living her best life," quipped someone else, referencing Eva's Desperate Housewives character.

Eva's millions of followers are accustomed to seeing her enjoying some time in the water, and she is typically seen flaunting her figure in flattering bathing suits. This upload was far less revealing than some other recent ones, but her fans adored it all the same.