Tucker Carlson Says Climate Change Is ‘Systemic Racism In The Sky’

Tucker Carlson speaks onstage during Politicon 2018
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Fox News host Tucker Carlson used Friday’s episode of his top-rated show on the network to address the West Coast wildfires and liken climate change to “systemic racism in the sky,” The Daily Beast reported.

“You can’t see it, but rest assured, it’s everywhere, and it’s deadly,” he said. “Like systemic racism, it is your fault. The American middle class did it. They caused climate change. They ate too many hamburgers. They drove too many SUVs. They had too many children.”

As reported by Breitbart, Carlson argued that the push for addressing climate change is a federal attempt to force citizens to hand over more power to the government by giving it control over their lifestyles. The Fox News host took particular aim at Democrats for their role in pushing this purported plan.

“As Americans burned to death, people like this swung into action immediately. They went on television with a partisan talking point. Climate change, they said, cause these fires. They didn’t explain how exactly that happened. How did climate change do that? They didn’t tell us but they just kept saying it.”

Tucker Carlson, host of "Tucker Carlson Tonight" speaks onstage with Nicholas Carlson at IGNITION: Future of Media at Time Warner Center on November 29, 2017 in New York City.
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The Daily Beast called Carlson’s comparison of climate change to systemic racism a “bizarre metaphor” and pointed to research supporting the link between West Coast fires and increasing average year-round temperatures linked to human activity.

Notably, a joint report released by researchers from the University of Idaho, the University of Colorado, and Columbia University claimed that a multi-year drought had increased the rate and intensity of wildfires.

Carlson argued that Democrats are attempting to link a vote for Donald Trump to contributing to climate change and, in turn, the death and destruction wreaked by the fires. Trump has long been criticized for his denial of climate change, which is allegedly the result of decades of grooming and lobbying that has fed the president misinformation on the issue.

ExxonMobil is reportedly one of the most significant influences, not just on Trump, but on the Republican Party as a whole. The corporation’s former CEO, Rex Tillerson, notably served as Secretary of State for the current White House for a brief period of time.

Carlson also accused Democratic Party lawyers of “pretending to be scientists” and accused others, such as Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama, of hypocrisy for their lavish lifestyles amid the climate crisis. According to the commentator, climate denial is not an issue of science but rather one of political power.

The host argued that those denying the process are pushing back against the failures of the ruling class, which he suggests is a significant cause of the recent destruction.