Contortionist Sam Rybka Does Handstand In Mermaid Tail For Photo Face-Off Against Bikini-Clad Twin Teagan

Sam posed on a rock, while Teagan wore flippers and stayed in the sand.

Teagan and Sam Rybka pose for a mirror selfie.
The Rybka Twins / Instagram

Sam posed on a rock, while Teagan wore flippers and stayed in the sand.

Contortionist Sam Rybka channeled her inner mermaid for a fun photographic face-off against her twin sister. On Saturday, the acrobatic duo shared the results of their latest photo shoot on their joint Instagram page. They also asked their fans to choose which picture they preferred.

The 25-year-old Australian sisters were taking part in a challenge judged by dance photographer Jordan Matter. The video of the entire showdown can be seen on the Rybkas’ YouTube page here. They were tasked with coming up with photo ideas for a number of different themes, including “acro at the beach.”

Sam’s sister, Teagan, decided to stay in the sand for her stunning snapshot. She rocked an orange bikini that stood out against the blue sky and ocean behind her. To add a little visual interest to her outfit and her image, she also wore a pair of pink-and-black swim fins on her feet.

She balanced on her left leg and executed a needle pose. She arched her back and stretched her right leg up in the air behind her, holding it in position with both hands. She leaned her head back so that it was touching the back of her right thigh. Her footwear added a little length to her upraised limb.

Sam took her beach look to the next level by rocking a mermaid costume that included a ruffled bikini top and a stretchy tail with fins. The entire costume was decorated with an orange-and-yellow scale pattern.

Sam posed on a massive craggy boulder near the water. She performed a handstand with her back arched and her knees bent so that her fin hung down near her head.

The sisters asked their Instagram followers to pick their favorite pic out of the two, but many of their admirers couldn’t seem to choose.

“Both photos were awesome! You are so talented,” read one response to their post.

“Both just killed it!!! Love the video,” another fan wrote.

Those who did choose a winner mostly went with Sam’s shot, and she also won the challenge in the YouTube video.

“Yes I like them both but the mermaid is the one that stole it because of how difficult it was to do,” explained one fan who picked Sam’s picture.

In the behind-the-scenes footage of how she achieved the shot, Sam said that doing a handstand in the tail was challenging because her leg movement was so limited. She even fell off the rock and landed on the sidewalk during one scary moment. Luckily, she was okay.

The Rybkas rose to fame showing off their gymnastic, acrobatic, and dance skills on Australia’s Got Talent. Now, they’re massive social media stars with huge followings on more than one platform. For another recent popular YouTube challenge, they faced-off against their fellow contortionist Sofie Dossi for a handstand competition.