‘Maxim’ Stunner Rachel Bush Shows Off Her Curves In Barely There Bikini Top

Rachel Bush poses for a selfie.
Rachel Bush / Instagram

Rachel Bush took a break from getting her fans hyped up for the upcoming NFL season to give them a show.

The well-endowed model took to Instagram on Friday to share a short video clip of herself showing off in a black-and-white striped bikini top. The video, which was posted in the 22-year-old’s Instagram stories, showed her sitting on the floor wearing a pair of gray pants and the bikini on top.

Bush lifted her arm over her head as the camera zoomed in and then back out again, showing off plenty of cleavage. She shot a pouty look and a slight smile at the camera during the brief clip.

The model covered up for a series of other entries into her stories, throwing on a cutoff gray hooded sweatshirt to cover the swimsuit as she showed off her eyelashes and tagged the Buffalo-area makeup artist who helped do them.

In a third clip, she playfully grabbed hold of her ponytail and let her hair flop down to her shoulders as she appeared to sing along with the song playing in the background.

Rachel Bush poses on the red carpet.
  Joe Scarini / Getty Images

Fans of the Instagram model have gotten used to seeing some racy images of her, as Bush often uses her feed to show off in skimpy swimwear and formfitting dresses. She also uses the social media presence to build up support for her husband, Jordan Poyer, a starting safety for the Buffalo Bills.

Just before the racy video showing her in a bikini top, Bush shared a clip of a feature in the Buffalo News that spoke of her devotion to her husband and his team.

The story was about how the pandemic has affected the team, which will not be allowing fans in the stadium when the season opens this weekend. In the story, Bush said it will be odd not to be at the stadium rooting on her man.

“I have to be right up front and center, where he can come see me before the game, say hello,” Bush said. “I like sitting first row, if I can. I don’t like suites as much because I’m so far away. I feel like I miss the action.”

While the start of the NFL season may be very different for Bush, not much has changed for her social media followers. She has still managed to post plenty of racy images, including another swimsuit shot late last month that captured some viral attention.