‘Big Brother 22’ Week 6 Spoilers: HOH Puts Two Nominees On The Block

The cast of Big Brother Season 22

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 22.

Week 6 is moving right along in the Big Brother All-Stars house. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Dani Briones was crowned the new Head of Household (HOH) on Thursday night after she outlasted her roommates in the Wall Hanger competition. For most of Friday afternoon, Dani discussed who she would put on the block with allies like Nicole Franzel and Cody Calafiore. She stuck with her original plan and put up David Alexander and Kevin Campbell for eviction according to Big Brother Daily on Twitter.

The two men were Dani’s choices from the get-go and it looks like she is going with the safe bet this week and putting up people outside of her alliance. She did let Kevin know she’d be putting him up as a pawn before the nomination ceremony, but that didn’t help him come to terms with it. This is the third time Kevin has been on the block this season, first after sitting next to Keesha Smith and then next to Kaysar Ridha.

Despite being the pawn, Kevin might find himself in a world of hurt. David currently holds The Disruptor power which he won during the BB Basement comp last week. This allows him to remove someone from the block in secret, forcing the HOH to put up a replacement nominee. It looks like this takes place after the nomination ceremony as the houseguests have made no comment about anything regarding David or a power at this time. It’s also possible David has opted not to use it, but that would be unlikely.

David Alexander (L) and Kevin Campbell (R)

If David comes down, Dani will be forced with a difficult decision which will make her choose a side within her alliance. She swore to Da’Vonne Rogers last night that she was safe and would not be nominated again.

Christmas Abbott seemed upset after the nominations when it was clear to her that Kevin knew he was going to be nominated. Christmas was upset that Dani didn’t fill her in and expressed her frustrations to Enzo Palumbo and Memphis Garrett.

There has also been some discussion about possibly backdooring Tyler Crispen, so he very well could be the replacement nominee should David pull himself down. Tyler has been on most of the roommates’ bad sides after last week when he tried to self-evict and caused a lot of drama in the house. He and Dani discussed that they were still good with one another and wouldn’t come after each other until the final four, but the conversation could have been for show.